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To be a company recognised for exceptional services and client satisfaction

GRAHAM Global services (South Africa)

We are a global amalgamation of leaders committed to being a high-performing group of companies dedicated to providing exceptional services that are world-renowned.

GROUP G Energy (South Africa)

Cleaner Energy for Homes and Businesses

Lighting and powering homes, neighborhoods, and businesses with fewer emissions.

Graham Global Energy (South Africa)

Graham Global is a willing and able player in the energy transition, from supplying the parts of Southern Africa with natural gas – the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon, to investing in renewable energy like solar, wind, and advanced biofuels made from waste.

Graham Global Energy (Malawi)

Partner with us in our Solar Power Projects:

Partners and suppliers are an important part of a successful business. To find the customer service contact information related to our solar products, please contact us via email, telephone, or visit our local sites.

Graham Construction & Electrical Engineering (UK)


•  Plastering Contractors

•  Domestic Refurbishments 

•  Painting and Decorating

•  All Your Ground Works & Paving

•  All Metal Work

•  Cladding


•  Electrical Installation

•  Electrical Testing  

•  Portable Appliance Testing


•  Hiring Plant Machinery

•  Hiring Railway Machinery  

•  Construction of New Builds

•  Construction of Roads

•  Construction of Railways


•  Vehicle Sales

•  Vehicle Repairs & Diagnostics

•  Body Works & Spray Painting 

• Vehicle Servicing (engine, exhaust, brakes, clutches etc.)