What We Offer


We offer complete solutions to operations and follow a hands-on approach to the Group’s business interests.


Fibre Solutions South Africa

Graham Global Services will provide skills development programs as this is part of our culture is to give back to the Community via our CSI (Corporate Social Investment) Programme Initiatives. 

Sanitising The Environment

Sanitation, an operation that until now was carried out as a simple routine, has become essential. At Graham Global we know how essential it is to protect our employees, customers and guests—this requires the use of state-of-the-art tools to guarantee safe conditions for everyone whether in small, average, and large-sized spaces. That is why we have partnered with Blyth Automotive Solutions to supply the AIR2 SAN sanitiser.

Hygienic Door Solutions

Whether your door is in a high-risk or low-risk area, push or pull, we offer a range of unique, innovative hygienic door handle solutions that are proven to kill bacterial and viruses (including Coronavirus, and Vaccinia Virus, and the H1N1 virus) and will improve hand hygiene at your site and reduce cross-contamination between users! Let’s be honest – nobody wants to touch a dirty door handle or pick up an infection! With Purehold’s range of Hygienic Antimicrobial handles, you can make sure this never happens!

Generating Renewable Energy

Graham Global Energy is already a willing and able player in the energy transition, from supplying the parts of Southern Africa with natural gas – the cleanest burning hydrocarbon, to investing in renewable energy like solar, wind and advanced biofuels made from waste. We are exploring new ways of storing renewable energy and developing digital products and services that help consumers and businesses use energy more efficiently, day in day out, to lower their carbon footprint.


With our partners in the Mission Possible Platform, we are now working with industry leaders in the trucking, shipping and aviation value chains to accelerate innovation, inform transport policy, create demand for low-emissions freight and for low-emissions passenger transport, and boost financing of the transport transition.


Graham Global are more than just a labour agency. Most of our sub contracted labour is English speaking and hold valid CSCS cards. 

All employees complete regular, compulsory, e-learning programmes, which cover all aspects of health and safety.

Security Services

We provide security operatives that are licensed and regulated by the UK government’s Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Our qualified and trustworthy teams can provide expert security services for any type of property in any location.

Vehicles Sales & Export

We meet our customers needs and ensure that everything planned meets time schedules.  

To guarantee our clients full satisfaction, we provide a world class service with an unrivalled logistics operation delivering to customers worldwide. 

Supply Of Labourers

Our team provides effective recruitment services to meet the employment needs of clients and candidates across many building sectors.

We supply labourers for all basic and specialised onsite duties which cover; site tidying, loading of skips, maintenance of welfare facilities and all other general site maintenance.